Monsal Vale

Scale/Gauge : 2mm N
Length :         5' 8"

Width :          2'

An 'N' gauge representation of part of the Midland mainline through the Peak District of Derbyshire by Eric Pettyfer.

Monsal Dale station lay between Cresssbrook and Headstone tunnels, and opened in 1866 to serve the villages of Upperdale and Cressbrook, with the latter's cotton mills. In reality it closed in 1959 and nothing remains of the buildings; however the layout supposes that this did not happen and represents the location in the 'Rail Blue' era and beyond.
The station and layout have been named Monsal Vale to reflect the necessary changes and compression made to enable its creation in such a small space.

Class 37 on a Limestone working crosses the viaduct.

Monsal Vale Station  and down platform sit on a narrow shelf cut into the rock face, while the up platform rests on trestles.

The siding here served the mill at Cressbrook.

Monsal Vale Station  is approached by a steep and narrow lane.

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